What type of businesses do we work with?

Not all businesses are suitable to work with. We love to work with great healthy businesses that have a passion for what they do. They contact us when they feel they are ready to turn up the volume on their online presence and expand their business. Our clients are a wide-ranging crowd from solicitors, dentists, skip-hire companies, accountants, cleaning companies and a lot more.

Are we any good at SEO?

Most of the businesses that we have achieved first page rankings for would agree that we are great. We hold many number 1 rankings for our clients and could do the same for your business. As SEO is constantly changing we stay on top of our game to deliver the best results in the industry.

Is SEO suitable for every website?

No. It is quite possible that a website has a penalty due to bad SEO practices being performed by another company. The penalty would have to be removed before starting any work.

How much do we charge?

We do not have a fixed price as all projects are determined on the work involved in taking a website from point A to point B. All projects are priced on the keyword difficulty and the time and resources to get you there. Our minimum fee is £300 per month and can go to over £5000 for the most competitive markets. Get in touch today for a quote without obligation.

How long does the process take?

Our clients start seeing significant improvements in their rankings within 2 – 4 months. We usually achieve page 1 rankings for clients within 6 months and go on to the top 3 positions within 9 – 10 months. You can leave at any time you are happy with your achieved position.

Do we give any guarantees of success?

From the start we will give you realistic expectations. With that said, we do not think we would be worth our salt if we cannot at least get you to page 1. If we do not reach this goal within 9 months then we will refund all of your payments to you.